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To give you piece of mind in the process of buying your first home or your forever home. 




Residential Inspections  -  General Inspection - $300

                                                      2500 sq. ft. or more - $350

Light Commercial Inspections -  Call for more information

Radon Testing -  $150

Mold Testing - $275


Discounts for active or retired: Law Enforcement, Corrections, Military and Firefighters.

*Proof of active or retired status  required.


More services coming soon!!!


 1-How long will it take before my written report will be completed?

Usually reports can be completed within 24 to 48 hours. However, the inspector will go over the most important issues at the end of the inspection. The client will be aware of all pressing issues at the home. 

 2-Are home inspectors the same as code enforcers?

No, it would be hard to know all the codes as each town has accepted different BOCA codes. If the defect is a safety issue, we cite it. 

 3-What is air radon and how long does it take to test and get results?

Air radon is an odorless gas that emits from the ground and can cause health risks. For more information on potential health risks, visit  It takes 48 hours to test  for radon and another 48 hours to get the results.

 4-How long does an inspection take?

A  general inspection takes about 2 hours. If more testing is done, it can take a bit longer. 

 5-Can I attend the home inspection?

While you are not required to attend,  you are welcome to be at the inspection and ask any questions you have.

 6-What if more information is needed after the inspection or a re-inspection is needed after an issue has been repaired?

Usually there is no cost for this and the lenders may contact us directly. We are there throughout the process to help in any way we can.